Best fertilizer for plants in India

Best fertilizer for plants in India agribegri
Best fertilizer for plants in India

Amruth Organic Fertilizer Micro speed (Micro Nutrient Mixture), contains all essential micronutrients




Micro speed is a scientific preparation of more than twelve micronutrient element mixture.

This contains all essential micronutrients required by plants for their growth and development


1. Improves photosynthesis in plants and entire plants will become greenish.

2. It helps to overcome micronutrient deficiency in all crops.

3. It contains both macro and micronutrients along with plant Hormones.

4. Application of Green max improves and increases the uptake of nutrients available in the soil.

5. Improves disease resistance in all crops.

6. Required in small quantity but increases yield both qualitative and quantitatively.

7. Repeated application with 15-20 days intervals will keep crops Healthy and better growth.

8. A different product among all general liquids with unique quality.


Dissolve 1 liter of Micro Speed in 200 liters of water which is sufficient per acre and spray on both sides of leaves.

Repeated application with an interval of 15-20 days will keep the crop healthy with better growth.

Prasiddhi Agro MAX+VITA 9 , A Novel Soil Broadcasting Supplements, Contain Potassium humate



A novel soil broadcasting supplement for enriching the soil with organically rich humus matter. Eascenth 4 kg pack of max-vita-9 GR contains 2.9kg of active ingredients and its composition is given below:


Potassium humate - 05.00%w/w(min)

Humus matter granules - 92.00%w/w(mix.)

73% carrier material is derived from humus matter rich in organic nutrients.

IMPORTANT NUTRIENTS: N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, Mn, Bo, Mo & Cu.

Dosage: 8 Kg per acre.

Crops Recommended: Paddy, Sugarcane, Groundnut, Potato, Wheat, Pulses, Grapes, Fruits, Vegetables like., chili, tomato, etc.


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