Flow N - Nitrobenzene 35% Best Flowering Stimulant

Noble Crop Science Flow N-Nitrobenzene 35%
Flow N - Nitrobenzene 35% Best Flowering Stimulant

Increase Root Growth, Water Holding Capacity, Reduce Soil Erosion, Organic Fertilizer




Flow N keeps the quality of post-harvest products for a longer period. Use for soil foliar and seed treatment technical.


  • Flow N stimulates plant enzymes and root growth.
  • It increases vitamin contents of plants and buffering properties of soil chalets Mattel ions under alkaline conditions and thus makes the soil more workable
  • It increases water holding capacity and reduces soil erosion.
  • Flow N retains water-soluble in organic fertilizer in the root zone & releases them slowly to plant when needed.
  • The main advantages of Flow N are like helps the plant to increase the C.N. ratio significantly.
  • It increases plants size and helps to improve flowering.
  • Flow N helps the plants to fight against droughts & diseases.


Nitrobenzene 35%


35-40 ml per 15 liter spray volume.


It can be used in all major agriculture crops through foliar application.

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