Major Disease of Mustard

Mustard: (Diseases and Symptoms) agribegri
Major Disease of Mustard

.Downy mildew:-

Disease symptoms first appear as light green or slightly chlorotic lesions that become yellow or necrotic after sporulation.

Later under favourable conditions brownish white fungal growth may also be seen on the spots.

Chemical contral of downy mildew in mustard:-

2. White rust of mustard:-

symptoms of infection include chlorosis on leaf surfaces, white blister-like growths on the underside of leaves and on the stems of the plant, and swelling of the roots.

Chemical control:-

3.Alternaria black spot:-

Alternaria black spot symptoms appear as brown to black circular spots on leaves that enlarge under favorable conditions.

Lesions become gray with concentric rings and develop a purple or black border.

Lesions on stems and pods are black or black with gray centers.

Chemical control:-

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