Breaking it Down: Exploring the Process of Decomposition in Nature

decomposers and scavengers
Breaking it Down: Exploring the Process of Decomposition in Nature

What is a Decomposer?

Waste Decomposer is developed from beneficial micro-organisms of Desi Cow Dung.

It acts as a quick composter for all types of crop residue and organic waste. Also used extensively in Kitchen Gardening, Rooftop Gardening. The technology is developed by the National Center of Organic Fertilizer, Govt of India.

National Centre of Organic Farming (NCOF) has developed a waste decomposer culture that is used for quick composting from organic waste, soil health improvement, and as a plant protection agent. It is a consortium of micro organism extracted from desi cow dung.

Take 2 kg jaggery and mixed it in a plastic drum containing 200 liters of water.

Now take 1 bottle of waste decomposer and pour all its contents in a plastic drum containing jaggery solution. Avoid direct contact of contents with hands.

Mix it properly with a wooden stick for uniform distribution of waste decomposer in a drum.

Cover the drum with a paper or cardboard and stir it every day once or twice.

After 5 days the solution of the drum turns creamy.

Now it is ready to use. 

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