Disease and pest of orange

Disease of orange

Scientific name:-Citrus




The disease is characterized by the presence of profuse oozing of gum on the surface of the affected wood, the bark of the trunk, and also on larger branches but more common on the cracked branches. In severe cases, droplets of gum trickle down on the stem, bark turns dark brown with longitudinal cracks, rots completely and the tree dries up because of cracking, rotting, and girdling effects.

Rain Metal 72 Metalaxyl 8% + Mancozeb 64% WP Fungicide



Crops  Grapes, Potato, Pearl Millet, Mustard, Black Peppar, Tobacco
Disease Downy mildew, Late blight, White rust & Alternaria blight, Phytophthora fruit rot, Damping off, Leaf blight, Black shank
Dosage 25 gm/pump

Tata Rallis Ishaan Chlorothalonil 75% WP Fungicide 



Ishaan is Chlorothalonil 75% WP recommended for Downy mildew, Anthracnose, Early blight, Late blight, leaf spot, Damping off, etc. in Grapes, Potato, Chilies, Banana, Tomato, etc


Dosage:  2.5 gm/litre (500 gms/Acre)


Method of application: Foliar application


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