powdery mildew disease control

powdery mildew disease control of orange
powdery mildew disease control

Powdery mildew


 The characteristic symptom of the disease is the white

superficial powdery fungal growth on leaves, stalks of
panicles, flowers, and young fruits.

 The affected flowers and fruits drop pre-maturely reducing

the crop load considerably or might even prevent the fruit set.
 The fungus parasitizes young tissues of all parts of the
inflorescence, leaves, and fruits.

Young leaves are attacked on both sides but it is more
conspicuous on the grower surface. Often these patches
coalesce and occupy larger areas turning into purplish-brown
in color.

Adama Mirador Azoxystrobin 23% SC




  1. Mirador belongs to the strobilurin group. It is a fungicide with protectant, curative, eradicant, translaminar, and systemic properties.
  2. Mirador inhibits mitochondrial desperation. 
  3. Mirador is unique and has a very wide spectrum of disease control like grapes, potatoes, chilies, tomatoes, cucurbits, avocados, mangoes, passionfruit, and poppies.
  4. Mirador is highly suitable for use in integrated pest management programs because it is harmless to beneficial organisms such as predatory mites, parasitic wasps, honey bees, and earthworms.


  • 1 ml/Lit


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