The Organic Approach How To Control Pest And Disease Naturally

The Organic Approach How To Control Pest And Disease Naturally
The Organic Approach How To Control Pest And Disease Naturally

Insects or pests are quite common problems for any farmers or gardeners. Lots of live stocks are damaged due to various pests and insects in farms. To control their species farmers tend to use chemical pesticides or insecticides which can be quite hazardous for farmers as well as the environment. 

In this article, we will discuss how to reduce chemical usage in farms and rather adapt an organic approach to control pests or insects in farms or gardens. 

What are the benefits of the Organic Approach? 

1)    Environment Friendly 

The daily usage of chemical insecticides or pesticides can harm the soil, water, and earth itself. The usage can degrade the soil of farmers. Organic methods on the other hand promote healthy soil and a safe environment. 

2)    Safe for health 

The usage of chemicals insecticides and pesticides can be harmful to human health causing respiratory problems and some serious diseases like cancer. So it can be replaced with organic products which will never cause any kind of harmful effects on health. 

3)    Saving Money 

Using Natural methods and adapting organic methods for agriculture can save lots of money in the long run. Insecticides and Pesticides are quite costly compared to organic products and are not easily available. 

Natural Pest Control Methods 

There are a variety of natural methods that can help you reduce pests from farms or gardens. 

Handpicking - the simplest and most effective way to control pests or insects is to pick them off your plant by hand, or to destroy the damaged plant. 

Companion Planting - For example, if you are planting tomatoes then to avoid certain pests or insects you can grow onion or garlic with it. 

Organic Spray - There are a variety of organic spray tonics available in the market, some products like NCOF Waste Decomposer can be used which have zero harmful effects on plants.

Planting Traps - Alternate to insecticides and pesticides you can use pheromones traps and lures in your farm or garden, those traps are environment-friendly and nontoxic. 

Practice good hygiene - keeping your garden or farm clean to prevent bacterial or viral infection in plants. Remove dead or diseased plants to avoid spreading. 


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