Bayer Movento - content, price, dose per acre, use

Bayer Movento - content, price, dose per acre, use

MOVENTO 15.31% OD (oil dispersion) is an insecticide that is used to control a wide range of sucking and chewing insects in a variety of crops, including vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants. The active ingredient in MOVENTO is spirotetramat, which belongs to the chemical class of tetramic acid derivatives.


MOVENTO works by disrupting the insect's nervous system, leading to paralysis and ultimately death. It has both systemic and translaminar properties, which means it can be absorbed by the plant and moved to the site of insect feeding, providing excellent protection against hidden and difficult-to-reach pests. MOVENTO is also known for its long-lasting residual control, making it an effective tool for integrated pest management programs.


It is important to note that MOVENTO should be used only as directed on the product label and in accordance with local regulations. It is also recommended to follow good agricultural practices and to rotate the use of insecticides to prevent the development of resistance in insect populations.


To use MOVENTO 15.31% OD insecticide, you should follow the instructions on the product label carefully. It is typically applied as a foliar spray, using a suitable equipment and following the recommended dilution rate and application timing for the target crop and pest. It is important to apply the product uniformly and thoroughly, ensuring good coverage of all plant parts.


Here are five benefits of using MOVENTO 15.31% OD insecticide:

  1. Effective control of a wide range of sucking and chewing insects, including aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, scales, thrips, and leafhoppers.

  2. Long-lasting residual control, providing weeks of protection against new insect infestations.

  3. Systemic and translaminar properties, allowing for excellent control of hidden and difficult-to-reach pests.

  4. Low toxicity to non-target organisms, such as beneficial insects, when used according to label instructions.

  5. Resistance management tool, as it belongs to a different mode of action group compared to other insecticides, and can be used in rotation or in combination with other products to prevent resistance development in insect populations.

Technical Content: Spirotetramat 15.31% W/W OD 


Mode of action

  1. Use 560 ml/ha. Make two applications early in the season at 7 day intervals as part of a programme, in sufficient water to ensure good coverage of all foliage. If large numbers of adult tomato/potato psyllids are present, add a knockdown insecticide. The rates suggested are for high volume spraying of a dilute spray without excessive run-off. For concentrate spraying adjust dilution rate accordingly.

Dosage: 2ml/litre of water

Note: Movento OD is compatible with most fungicides and insecticides.
Do not mix with chlorothalanil and foliar fertilisers.
Do no mix with adjuvants until crop safety has been tested.

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