White Sandalwood Seeds - How to Cultivate sandalwood ?

White Sandalwood (Safed Chandan)
White Sandalwood Seeds - How to Cultivate sandalwood ?

The sandal tree, also known as Chandana, White sandal in India, is the botanical name Santalum album. The sandal is capable of growing in different kinds of soils, even in shallow rocky soils, but cannot stand waterlogging. It can tolerate very high temperatures. The plant is highly susceptible to browsing and fire. 

NURSERY TECHNIQUE: Pretreated seeds sowing to mother bed and covered with straw which is removed when the seedlings emerge. When seedlings attain the 4 to 6-leaf stage, they are transplanted into polythene bags, along with seeds of a primary host tree Cajanus cajan, or any other host.

Santalum album, or Indian sandalwood, is a small tropical tree, and the traditional source of sandalwood oil. It is native to southern India and Southeast Asia. It is considered sacred in some religions like Hinduism, and some cultures place great significance on its fragrant qualities

Germination percentage : 60 -70 %

there are multiple varieties of sandalwood is available in India, Indian sandalwood and Australian sandalwood are very famous and have excellent commercial value in the market. The leaves of sandalwood can also be used for animal fodder. In India, sandalwood is mostly grown in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. Sandalwood is available in red, white and yellow colors. White sandalwood is used for treating the common cold, cough, bronchitis, fever, and sore mouth and throat. The oil from the wood and the wood are used as medicine. Don't confuse white sandalwood with red sandalwood.

After 10 years the weight of sandalwood trees would be around 130-160 kg that coming with 6 to 8 kg heartwood. 

Pre – treatment of the Seeds

1. Seed are soaking in water for 24 hours or
2. Soak the seeds in 0.05% gibberellic acid overnight . or
3. Acid scarification with concentrated H2SO4 for 30 minutes with strring and washing in running water.

Preparation of Nursery bed
Pre-treated seeds sowing to mother bed
Mother bed covered with straw which is removed when the seedlings emerge

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