Damping off disease of Chilli

Damping off disease of Chilli
Damping off disease of Chilli

Damping off disease of Chilli:

Damping off diseaseof Chilli is a major and primary disease in chilli farming. It is difficult to control the disease after occurring. Therefore, prophylactic preventive measures may lead to the effective management of damping off of chilli. In this post, we will let you know about damping off disease of chilli control with cause, symptoms, cultural control, biological and chemical control of damping off disease of chilli.

Cause: Pythium sp. (Fungi)

Symptoms of Chilli damping off disease:

In Chilli nursery, on young plants (2-5 leaves) in nursery, water soaked lesions on collar region is seen, chlorotic leaves. Later, the young plant wilts and dies.

Cultural control of Chilli damping off:

  • Raise the Chilli nursey seed bed 15 cm above the ground.
  • Maintain enough space within the seedlings by removing the overcrowded seedlings.
  • Deep ploughing of the field in summer.

Biological control of Chilli damping off:

  • Seed treatment with Trichoderma viride or Trichoderma harzianum @5-10 gm/kg seed and Pseudomonas fluoroscens @5-10 ml/kg seed.
  • In addition, do soil drenching with Trichoderma viride or Trichoderma harzianum @10gm/lt water.
  • Chemical control of Chilli damping off:

  • As a preventive measure, do seed treatment with @Captan 75% WS @15-25gm/ kg seed or Carbendazim 50% WP @ 2gm/kg seed or Metalaxyl-M 31.8% ES @2ml/kg seed or Metalaxyl-M 31.8% ES @0.64gm/kg seed.
  • To control, do soil drencing with Captan 75% WP @ 2.5gm/lt water or Mancozeb 75% WP @3gm/lt water or Metalaxyl4%+Mancozeb64%WP @2.5gm/lt water or Copperoxychloride @3gm/lt water.
  • Integrated Disease Management (IDM) of Chilli Damping off disease:

    Follow the preventive, biological and chemical measures in a prophylactic way in order to practice integrated disease management in chilli crop.

Bayer Aliette Fosetyl Al 80 WP Systemic Fungicide, Effective Against Fungal Disease



Technical content: Fosetyl Al 80 WP (80% w/w)

Aliette is a systemic fungicide effective against Oomcytes fungi like downy mildew diseases of grapes and damping-off and Azhukal diseases of cardamom. Despite its extensive use since 1978, there is no report of resistance development in fungus. True systemic action makes the application of Aliette the best prophylactic solution for downy mildew control in grapes.


A systemic fungicide is rapidly absorbed through the plant leaves or roots, with translocation both acropetally and basipetal.

Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) Classification No. 33 (unknown).


  • As a result of its complex mode of action, there have been no confirmed cases of fungal resistance development to Aliette under practical use conditions, despite the intensive use of this active ingredient since its introduction in 1978.

  • Aliette is effective principally against Phycomycetes fungi of the Oomycete family, notably Phytophthora, Pythium, Bremia, and Peronospora.

  • Aliette is a true systemic fungicide, which is rapidly absorbed by the plant root or leaves and is translocated in both upward and downward directions, particularly to the growing parts.

  • Rapid absorption ensures the rain fastness.

  • Recommended for use in integrated resistance management.

Dosage:  3gm/L of water (Drenching), 2gm/L of water (Spray). 600gm per acre


Apply Aliette prior to the onset of disease for deriving maximum benefits.

Grapes: Begin spraying as soon as the grape crop reaches the 3 to 5 leaf stage after pruning.

Cardamom: Apply foliar spray at the incidence of disease.

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